Every investor is different. That's why we don't have a generic investment program. As an independent professional advisor, Jason can offer you a personalized financial plan, customized to fit you and your unique situation. Jason works with you to determine your attitudes, preferences, and goals. Together you'll develop a plan designed to account for change both in the market and in your state of affairs so it adjusts for your needs at every stage of your life.

Jason will become your assistant in building the future you desire.  As you work together, Jason will thoroughly explain the recomended investment strategies so you will be completely comfortable with all aspects of your financial plan. Jason's mission is to help his clients work towards financial independence through professional advice, sound risk management, quality investment products, and personalized, efficient service.

We think you'll like Jason's straight forward approach to investing. Jason is American Wealth Management's only advisor in California, joining the firm in 2002. Jason is a master of client relations and excels at gathering information to identify a client's needs. He is able to translate those needs into a customized investment strategy. He majored in business administration at San Jose State and became a licensed advisor in 1989