Our Services 

Comprehensive Financial Services-- AWM can assist you in navigating the complex areas of financial planning and investing.  We advise the investor in many areas of investment including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, estate and trusts, ETF's, retirement, and education.  We also work closely with the investor advising them on stock option strategies and alternative investment strategies.

Capital Market Capabilities--AWM offers Investment Banking Services including M & A and access to private capital.  We utilize two internationally recognized clearing houses for securities underwriting and trading; Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Charles Schwab & Co.  This provides the ultimate flexibilty to the investor in selecting the platform that best fits their needs.

Specialized Capabilities-- AWM's Financial Consultants throughout the United States manage both domestic and International investments.  THese advisory services include Retirement Plans, Domestic Hedge Funds, Stocks and Bonds, Employee Stock Options, Custodial and Trust services and Comprehensive Research.  AWM advises in excess of one billion dollars worldwide.

Fee Based Registered Investment Advisory Services-- AWM offers Separately Manages Accounts and portfolios customized to meet investment objectiveson a fee basis.  We also offer the services of Certified Financial Planners.  THIS ADVISORY IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.

Fee Only Consulting Services-- A risk management approach to your investment portfolio.  We identify your risk tolerance, time horizon and return expectations.  Once established, we will retain, on your behalf an additional team of professional managers to implement your investment objective and properly diversify your portfolio.  Together, we will monitor your portfolio and analyze the results.  THIS CONSULTING SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.